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God Crafted

Image result for God our potter + imageOne of the most exciting things for me as a mother is to watch my children discover and explore the gifts that God has given each of them.  My oldest, for one, started her toddler life out as a singer-songwriter-artist.  Along the way she added dancer, but by the time she hit middle school, she felt that others were better than her as an artist.  So she turned to baking as a creative outlet.  The bottom line is that she is tremendously creative, just as her Father God who created her is.

But I have six children and they are each different.  My oldest son is more of a scientific writer.  He learns a lot of information quickly and retains details for the long-haul.  He loves to punt–everything!  Whereas my younger son has shown engineer qualities since his toddler days, building mega-block castles complete with highway systems and plumbing, and apartment buildings on wheels to help them survive earthquakes (according to him).  My six-year-old daughter is compassionate and really good at doing hair.  My three-year-old and two-year-old are just starting to explore their interests.  What an exciting time!

It is wonderful to watch each of them growing in their walk with the Lord and their God-given personalities and abilities.  Without a doubt God has a plan and a purpose for each of them.  My job is to raise them up in the way they should go, honoring the individuality that God created them with and helping them to learn to use their gifts to His glory and honor.  One day they each will be in ministry, whether as full-time pastors and missionaries, or lay-ministers in the workplace.  And God has gifted each of them with exactly the personalities and the abilities and interests that each will need to reach those who will cross their paths.