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Rejoining Light to Life

Image result for light and life + imageLife distracts us from our walk with the Lord, right? Career, kids, you name it–they can all interfere with our focus on God. I’ve heard others repeat this mindset so often, but I hadn’t considered what a defeatist outlook this is until today.

This year, it’s time to turn this misconception on its head and restore our life-view to what the Lord intended. Our life is not the distraction, our life is our walk with the Lord. Work, grandkids, neighbors, pets, finances, lawns, chores, social media–in all of these things we either live and learn according to God’s intention for us, or we don’t.

Our spiritual life isn’t separate from all we do on this earth, and perceiving it as such frustrates our purposes. We need to infuse each aspect of our day with the truth of our Lord. By doing so, we will grow in Him, becoming more like Him and acknowledging Him to others in all our ways.

As my favorite quote says, “Preach Christ. When necessary, use words.” [St. Francis of Assisi]

If life becomes the frustration, we are ineffective in being Jesus with skin on to our circle of ministry. But if Jesus is the center of all we do, then even the most mundane aspects of life are transformed into the light unto the world around us.


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