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Image result for NativityChristmas Eve. Shopping finished. Presents wrapped. Eating with family. Choir singing.

But oh yeah, we forgot the Holy part.

Christmas morning. Read the Christmas story from Luke and Matthew. Opened presents next to the Little People nativity. Kept gifts simple and practical. Kids said thank you. Went to church. More eating with family.

But oh yeah, we still forgot the Holy part.

The message throbbed persistently the whole drive home after the candlelight service and throughout the next morning.

Holy. Set apart for God. Nothing else taking our time and attention.

Except the shopping, wrapping and gift giving did. Except the shopping, food prepping and eating did. Except the Christmas special and football game watching, and board games did too.

All the while God knocked patiently at my heart, beckoning in that still small voice, “Remember to keep it holy. Remember to leave room for me [God].”

But like so many Sabbath rests, we kept Christmas American instead.

Yet as deep cries out to deep, my soul longs to make the time as a family to keep a holy Sabbath rest. Leaving room for God not for His sake, but our own–as He designed it–and to keep His remembrances, feast days, and other holy days [aka holidays] set apart to Him as well.

“God forbid that I find you so familiar that I think of You as less than who You are,” sings Point of Grace.

“God forbid,” that I forsake Your holiness in my family life, echoes my heart and soul.



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