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Kid-Led Devos

Image result for kids reading the bibleBusy. Our household feels like it is constantly on the run. However we want to instill in our kids the value of making time to spend with God.

However, sitting six young kids down to family devos hasn’t always been successful. Often times they wiggle and don’t pay attention, because they themselves are not engaged in the process beyond looking and listening. Even directing a Q & A session can be difficult with this approach.

One way that we have found to improve devo focus with the older kids [currently ages 8 through 12…though any child capable of reading can do this with the right resource] is to have everyone take a 10-minute devotional break after a meal.

How we structure this 10-minutes:

  1. The kids find a quiet spot to read their chosen scripture/passage/devo and reflect on what this means to them.
  2. We call the kids one at a time to come talk to us about what they read, asking questions to get them to consider deeper meanings/connections.

Going forward, we would like to see them spend more time and add prayer. But we’ve really liked the results so far for getting our pre-tweens and tween started on the path to an autonomous devotional life.


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