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Without Wax

“Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.” Romans 12:9

Image result for broken potteryThe word sincere means without [sin] wax [cere]. It was once used to describe pottery that could be trusted to be without defects.

Defective pottery–in the hands of a dishonest merchant–would have the cracks and chips filled with wax that was then painted over, giving the appearance of a perfect vessel. However, when the purchaser of the pot would try to fill it, the wax would break loose revealing the true nature of the piece.

Our testimony to our children needs to be sincere–without wax. Even unborn babies can hear the way that parents speak with one another and feel the presence or absence of love. And a teen can tell in a heartbeat if someone is being two-faced or disingenuous in their treatment of another or their love for God.

No amount of wax and polish can make our children believe that we love God and other people if we truly don’t. They will see right through our fake smiles and half-hearted giving. And our children will learn to love others based on the pattern of love that we parents live out.

Therefore, Romans 12:9 says, we need to cling to what is good. Which means we need to understand what is good. God is good. Cling to God. God’s Word is good. Cling to His Word which tells us to love sincerely. Genuinely. Without Wax.

Is there any area of your love for God or others that is just polished wax? Ask God to show you and to heal that brokenness so that your love for all will be sincere. And so that your children will know it.


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