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TV-Watching, Media-Consuming Sincerity

“Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.” Romans 1:32

Image result for family watching tvIt’s hard to watch TV as a family. Very hard.

Our oldest son, now 10, is a renegade Patriots fan and was so excited to get to watch his first full Super Bowl–complete with Brady jersey. We’d planned to monitor commercials very closely and to send our children to get ready for bed during the half-time show, but even flipping the channels at inappropriate commercials felt like we were majorly messing up. By the time something inappropriate came up, we couldn’t flip fast enough, and the TV seemed to freeze that last inappropriate image–that we were trying to avoid–on screen while booting up the next channel. Ugh!

Obviously, we figured we’d be doing a lot of channel flipping at commercials. We knew we didn’t want to take a chance on the half-time show, just in case. Yet on any given afternoon/evening after the kids are home from school, the homework and dinner is done, and the kids sit down to watch some kid-friendly, and usually educational, TV programming we run into the same problem.

One thing that I’ve noticed with my kids through all of this, they know what they’re not supposed to see. Just last night, my husband was side-tracked with our youngest daughter when an inappropriate commercial came on, and our oldest son called him relentlessly to change the channel because he knew that the content wasn’t appropriate for himself or any other sibling in the room. Praise the Lord!

Our oldest daughter, now 12, has to search images for PowerPoint homework assignments, and she  clicks out of the image tile screen if something wrong pops up and then changes search terms. Hallelujah!

By our conviction as parents, when we watch TV as a family our children have learned which things they should not allow to enter their vision–and therefore their minds. When one of them asks why we left the channel, we tell them, “They [the characters] weren’t doing something that God is pleased with. They were disobeying His Word.” It’s that simple.

As they get older, we discuss the scripture more in depth so that they understand what God doesn’t approve of and know where He says it in His Word. By our reactions to ungodly cultural portrayals on TV and media, our children see the sincerity of our relationship with God.


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