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Let My People Know

“Hear, O Israel: the Lord our God, the Lord is One.” Deuteronomy 6:4

Image result for wrestles with godIsrael–Jacob’s God-given name. One who contends–or wrestles–with God [Genesis 32:28]. And Jacob’s descendants have ever after been known by the same. Israel–God’s chosen people. In their obedience, they were an example of His blessing. In their disobedience, an example to the nations of the consequence of sin and punishment from on high.

But when God brought His people out of Egypt to bring them in to the Promised Land [Deuteronomy 6:23] He put His name on them for all the world to see and know that He was the God of Israel. With His name written on their Nation, He needed His people to know that the gods of Egypt were false and that the gods of the Canaanite cultures were also false. That there is no other God beside our Lord and Creator [Jeremiah 10:6].

He cannot be divided into many smaller gods–one to rule sunlight, another for moonlight, one to rule seas, and a smaller one to rule rivers. Every culture on the planet shares the spiritual remembrance of a divine being, but Satan perverted, diminished or fractured the understanding of this memory into pantheons of false deities–every one an idol.

But God’s intention when He instituted the ministry of home, was that the family would–as A.W. Tozer puts it–pass on undimmed and undiminished that noble concept of God that we received from those who came before. That we would lead by example in reverence for the one true and infinite God, and denounce without hesitation every false authority created by finite man.

When this is the heart of our home, then it will also be the heart of our children.

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