I have always felt God’s call into full time ministry.  I sought the Lord long and hard for a definition of what my purpose, my earthly ministry was to be.  Many ideas, mostly knock-offs, things that I saw others doing that I thought I might enjoy entreated me as time went by.  In the end, I began college with a major in Missions intending to head out into the world as a full time foreign missionary never to come home.  And I was excited for it.  But as my college years unfolded, the Lord developed in me a heart for home.  He was working in me to give back to the community that He used to develop me as a child.  He was instructing me to become a family like the family in which my parents raised me.  At two different times the Lord spoke to me directly, though not in audible tones.  The first time He told me that I was not going to, “go places and do things,” and every missions trip that I have attempted to be a part of has not materialized for me.  The second time He told me that, “family is [my] ministry.”  I wondered a long time about what this might mean.  I had always liked the idea of adoption, but there were times in my youth when I planned never to marry or even to have children.  Besides, a family hardly seemed like a viable ministry, not like the good that could be done as a missionary, or a pastor, and the like.  Surely, my ministry was to be family AND.

Having attended church since I was two days old and having accepted the Lord as my Savior at the tender age of four, I often struggled with the idea of my testimony.  I had no amazing heart-wrenching stories of an earthly salvation from drugs or alcohol, et al.  I could not say that I had not believed in God and then one day He miraculously revealed himself to me.  I could not say more than, I have always known Him and accepted Him as my personal Savior.  I was married and attending graduate school with one or two children before I realized just what a miraculous testimony I have.  In this day and age, it is unheard of for even Christian young people to live a life of purity, a life without experimentation in earthly things, a life that has never turned its back on God.  My walk has not always been perfect or without doubts, but a look at my generation has revealed that many accept feel-good theology and pursue the counterfeit of entertainment services over the will of God.  When I ask myself why I am different even among a peculiar people the Lord showed me very clearly that this is the ministry of home.  He designed the family to be the unit that preserves a right understanding of who He is, that shepherds in the fear and knowledge of Him and that inculcates the discipline to live a holy life.  But the effect of sin on the family has led to dysfunction, hard-feelings and/or hatred, anger, jealousy, and more.  The family has been allowed to be rendered ineffective to its holy purposes.  Those who would purify and elevate the concept of family once more to the design that God intended would find that they have a ministry that outweighs any other outreach program on the planet—the ministry of home.



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